Strategic Planning

You have a vision...

...but you’re not sure how to get there. Together we turn your vision into an actionable plan, create a blueprint, detail the steps and map out a path to success.

Our strategic plan is complete. Using a proven systematic approach, we start with a thorough analysis of all major segments of the business such as business planning, sales and marketing, operations, cash and profit, personnel and technology, to mention a few. Together, we develop a business plan and then break it down into simple daily and weekly tasks. I act as your outside Chief Financial Officer, which affords you the time and creativity to work "on" your business, not "in" your business.

With a plan in place, my clients are able to pay their bills, realize sustainable growth, and implement business systems and strategies to expand.

Turnaround & Growth

You feel like you’re in a downward spiral...

...with no one to turn to. What’s really going on? We ask the deep questions and together we create an operational plan to turn your business around.

Are you struggling to pay your bills, your vendors and employees, or yourself? Are you dumping money into marketing and not getting results? Is your sales pipeline empty? The strategic plan that we create with you addresses all of these issues and more. We’ll help you get out of that ‘rut’ and guide you to new ideas. It is not uncommon to experience an occasional downturn, but we turn that around so you experience growth. Business planning is essential to a well-run organization.

If you no longer feel passionate about what you do, or you’re simply overwhelmed, let’s talk. I am confident that I can offer some advice and solutions of real value to you during our first meeting. You’re certain to have some breakthroughs or ‘ah-ha’ moments. Working together will have a positive impact on you, your business, and your personal life.

Peer Groups

Two heads are better than one.

Imagine what you can accomplish with 8-10 smart, savvy, like-minded executives! Our discussion groups plus one-on-one consulting can help you overcome any challenge.

This forum provides business owners with a wide range of confidential and professional opinions to address difficult and sensitive issues. Members learn how to avoid mistakes, pitfalls, and roadblocks by sharing Best Practices and learning from others who have “been there, done that.” Members quickly realize that they are not alone.

Potential members are interviewed and must be accepted to the group. All members of this closed group agree to confidentiality. At each session, members collectively decide on a topic of discussion, which is moderated to keep the group on topic and ensure the conversation is beneficial. The ideas that flow are invaluable! Our members experience, on average, sustainable income growth 31/2 times faster than an average U.S. business. And most of our members choose to extend their group after the first year as they realize the results attained from the group.

Trusted Adviser

Have you ever felt alone as a business owner?

The feeling is isolating and unsettling. With an adviser, you are not alone.

I am often the first person my clients turn to when an issue arises, often in times of great urgency. I am there to support a crisis or celebrate a triumph. Have an idea? Run it by me. Have a problem you're not sure how to handle it? Let's talk about it. You may be a sole business owner, but you don't have to be alone.

Are you planning to sell or transfer your business to a family member or bring on a partner? As your adviser, I can analyze your operations and financials and provide direction to maximize your potential.